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The QR Coupons feature lets you offer scannable coupons to your app users. Each scan of the code will get the app users one step closer to a reward. These square QR codes are downloadable and can easily be printed & placed on a flyer, brochure, or laminated table placard.


Note: An update to all apps last updated before April 2014 will cause users to lose all scans.


Available on:

  • iOS
  • Android

Great for these industries:

  • Bars/Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Retail

Monetization ideas:

  • Users will likely have a higher rate of return if there is an end goal or reward.
  • Your business can include a contest/ sweepstakes in order to encourage consumers to scan the QR code

Related features:



Navigate to Edit > Build to begin the setup process, then follow the steps below.





2. Choose the QR Coupons feature from the menu, then click SELECT.


3. Name your feature, then click ADD. Your new feature will now appear in the left-side menu.


4. Click on the feature to expand its menu. From the left-side menu you can:

  • use the checkbox to delete the feature.
  • click and drag the arrow icon to rearrange.
  • edit the feature icon by clicking it, then selecting a new image from the fly-up menu.
  • toggle on/off the feature.
  • jump to a specific section (i.e. Content or Custom Design) to adjust the feature settings.



Here you can rename the feature and create your coupons.



1. Under Screen Info, change your Screen/Feature Name or leave as-is. This is the name that will appear in the app's feature menu (e.g. "Offers" as opposed to "QR Coupons").

2. Under QR Coupon, click ADD QR COUPON. Complete the the fields below, then click ADD. Repeat this process for each coupon.

  • Upload your Mobile Header Image (640x264px) & Tablet Header Image (1536x634px) by clicking Browse to search for photos.
  • Time Zone: Enable to use the Global Time Zone located in your Settings area instead of a custom time zone. When disabled, use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate time zone.
  • Input a Coupon Name.
  • Unique QR Code: Fill out a short term or series or letters/numbers. Your users will not see this anywhere within the app. It's just a unique string that enables your QR code. (Note: Make sure your code has no spaces or special characters.)
  • Select a Start Date & End Date for your coupon. Leave these fields blank if the coupon is redeemable indefinitely.
  • Select the Can this Coupon Be Used Again Icon if the coupon is redeemable multiple times.
  • Check-Ins Needed to Unlock: The amount of times a user must scan the QR code to unlock the deal. If you set this to 0, the deal will immediately be available to all app users.
  • Hours Before Next Check-in: The hours a user must wait after scanning the QR code before they can scan again. This prevents users from abusing the feature by scanning multiple times at once.
  • Coupon Description: Enter a description that will be displayed when the coupon is unlocked. 

4. Click SAVE at the top right when you're done.


5. Once the feature is saved, you can click the QR code image you have created and download to add for marketing materials. 

Custom Design

If you'd like create a custom design for this feature instead of using the Global Design, you'll do so here. Skip over this section if not. See here for more info.


If you would like to check on user activity, track engagement, and monitor your top coupon users, you'll do so here. Skip over this section if not. See here for more info.


Check out some live examples below!


Example of ongoing coupon with a check-in target amount of 1 (user unlocks coupon on first scan):


Example of date-defined coupon with a check-in target amount of 5 (user has 4 more scans before redemption):

Downloading QR Codes

When you're ready to save & print your QR codes you can do so by navigating to Manage, and then to Promote.

1. Click REBUILD CODES next to one of your coupons to complete the set up process. 

2.  You can then click DOWNLOAD FLYER in order to scan the codes from your computer and/or download the PDF version to distribute. It's important to verify the code is working before you print & post it.

3. After you verify the code is working, click Download flyer. The QR code will download in PNG format. You can print the image out, or distribute it however you like!


Having issues scanning your QR coupon code? Try moving your device back from the code gradually in order to gain a larger scanning range; that should do the trick!

If you're still having trouble, you may want to try shortening the text in the QR Code field within the coupon settings. After you do so, make sure to reload the app on your device as well as the code itself before trying again.
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