Fan Wall V2 Feature


The Fan Wall v2 feature is an easy way to increase user engagement with an app. The feature allow users to comment, ask questions, and discuss what they love about your business or service. Users can share photos, reply to each others' comments, and view the location fellow users were at when they commented.

Note: The Fan Wall v2 feature is the upgraded version of the old Fan Wall feature. The Fan Wall v2 feature is natively functional, unlike its predecessor, and preferred by Apple's review team as a result.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5

Great for these industries:

  • Events
  • Bands & Musical Artists
  • Restaurants

Monetization ideas:

  • Create an in-app forum for users to communicate and share ideas. For example, a school app can use the Fan Wall v2 for the PTA to discuss school events and issues. 
  • Accumulate positive feedback with a reviews page. For example, a user can share their favorite dishes on the menu in your restaurant app.



Navigate to Edit > Build to begin the setup process, then follow the steps below.





2. Choose the Fan Wall v2 feature from the menu, then click SELECT.


3. Name your feature, then click ADD. Your new feature will now appear in the left-side menu.


4. Click on the feature to expand its menu. From the left-side menu you can:

  • use the checkbox to delete the feature.
  • click and drag the arrow icon to rearrange.
  • edit the feature icon by clicking it, then selecting a new image from the fly-up menu.
  • toggle on/off the feature.
  • jump to a specific section (i.e. Content or Custom Design) to adjust the feature settings.



Here you can rename the feature and manage posts.



1. Under Screen Info, change your Screen/Feature Name or leave as-is. This is the name that will appear in the app's feature menu (e.g. "Reviews" as opposed to "Fan Wall v2").

2. Under Settings, decide the Comment Radius. This will filter comments based on the user's location.

3. Under Posts, view and delete comments. 

4. Click SAVE at the top right when you're done.



Check out some live examples below!

Posting on a Fan Wall:

Replying to a Fan Wall post:

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