How to Download the Real Estate CSV File

Download CSV Template

CSVs are essentially spreadsheets that can be used to upload correctly formatted data quickly. This is a great option if you already keep your listings organized on a spreadsheet, or want to make content additions simple down the line. Each time you add a listing to your spreadsheet, you can simply re-upload your CSV file to tack on the additions.

Note: We recommend first adding at least one manual listing to your feature following the Add Listing instructions below. This way, when you download your CSV file, it will already have one row (one listing) populated and serve as an example of how to fill out additional rows (listings).

  • Click CSV TEMPLATE to get started. 
  • Open the CSV file. You'll see a spreadsheet with 45 columns. If you've already added a listing to your feature, then you'll see its details populated. If you haven't, only the column titles will be populated.
  • For listing additions, just mirror the format of your first listing. Some tips:
    • If an optional field does not apply, you can leave it blank. For example, the Rentals column does not apply to my Own listing, so it will be left blank. 
    • You can find Latitude/Longitude in Google Maps. Go to, search your listing's address, and right-click the pin on the map. Click "What's here?" and more details will appear at the top left. Copy/paste the latitude & longitude from here.
    • Make sure to properly format your content. For instance, phone numbers should be formatted ###-###-####, and provided item titles (like "Miles," "Dishwasher," "Sqft," etc.) should be copied exactly.
    • For check-all Additional Info items, add all applicable items separated by a comma without spaces, like below.
  • Each time you're ready to import new listings, just click Add under the Build feature you're on and select your CSV file. Click Upload to import the new listings.
Note: When using the CSV import, be sure to check your imported listings thoroughly by clicking Edit next to each one and viewing each section. This will help you catch mistakes and learn more best practices for CSV import!

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