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The Contact feature is perhaps the most essential feature on our platform. It displays general information like business location, website URL, contact info (phone & email), and operating hours. We recommend completing the Contact feature's content before you move onto other features. You can now select between a Location or Directory/Person feature type.


Note: The Home feature was the original version of the Contact feature. It's no longer an operational feature within our apps, so if you previously used a Home feature, we recommend transitioning over to Contact, which will actually appear within your apps and serve the same purpose (plus more). 


Available on:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5

Great for these industries:

  • Community/Directory
  • Retail/Restaurant Chains
  • Small Businesses

Monetization ideas:

  • Use the Contact feature as a "Sponsors" page, where you list advertisers.
  • Just adding this feature for your own business provides ROI opportunity, because you give users essential contact info all in one place.

Related features:

Note: The Home feature was the original version of the Contact feature. It's no longer an operational feature within our apps, so if you previously used a Home feature we recommend transitioning over to Contact, which will actually appear within your apps and serve the same purpose plus more.


Navigate to Edit > Build to begin the setup process, then follow the steps below.





2. Choose the Contact feature from the menu, then click SELECT.


3. Name your feature, then click ADD. Your new feature will now appear in the left-side menu.


4. Click on the feature to expand its menu. From the left-side menu you can:

  • use the checkbox to delete the feature.
  • click and drag the arrow icon to rearrange.
  • edit the feature icon by clicking it, then selecting a new image from the fly-up menu.
  • toggle on/off the feature.
  • jump to a specific section (i.e. Content or Custom Design) to adjust the feature settings.



Here you can rename the feature and add locations.


For all optional fields, if left blank or hidden, the attributing button or field will not be displayed on the app.


1. Under Screen Info, change your Screen/Feature Name or leave as-is. This is the name that will appear in the app's feature menu (e.g. "Location" as opposed to "Contact").


2. Under Contact, click ADD CONTACT. Complete the the fields below, then click ADD. Repeat this process for each location/directory.


For Location:

1. Paste or type the location address/name into the Address field to look it up in Google Maps. Select a location from the results, and your Latitude & Longitude will auto-populate. (Note: It's important to select a suggested result in order to ensure the directions feature works properly.) Choose your Distance Type bychoosing whether distance should appear in Kilometers or Miles.

2. Next, upload Right & Left Images (Optional Field)Upload two images (288x144px in PNG format) for this location. These can be the logo, pictures of the location, or anything that represents the business. These images can also be linked to an internal app feature, or hyperlinked to a specific URL.

3. You'll then want to add Header Text Line 1 and Header Text Line 2 fields. Use these fields to name your location whatever you'd like (e.g. "Mission Location" & "San Francisco"). They'll serve as the top & bottom lines of the location name.

4. Add optional fields if applicable to your business. Enter the URL for the location’s website into the Websitefield. This must start with the http://” prefix. If the client or business doesn’t have an official website, a Yelp or Facebook page will work just as well. Enter a valid email address for this location in the Email field. When users click the one-touch Email button, this email address will auto-populate in the To field. Input a valid phone number for this location into the Telephone field. When users click the one-touch Call button, this is the phone number it will dial.

4. Click the Set Opening Times button (next to Your Business Details) to begin setting the hours for your location. Click "Add Opening Time" in the next window to get started.

5. In the Add Opening Time window, you can tailor the fields to your needs. The Input Day field will appear to the left, and the Open From and Open To fields will be below that. Some businesses may have consistent daily hours and prefer to add just one Opening Time, like "Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 2 PM," whereas others may want to add different hours for each day of the week, like "Monday, 9 AM - 2 PM; Tuesday, 12 PM - 3 PM," etc.  When you're done, click the green checkmark. You can get creative and add as many Opening Times as needed, or just one.

6. For Directory/ Person, follow the same steps above. The Contact Name is where you will add contact description names in both Name Row 1 and Name Row 2. These will be displayed on the header image overlay and are also required. The other addition is the Description Field (Optional). Enter text within the WYSIWYG text editor to describe the directory / person. Toggle on the Color Settings feature to enable the Global text color, or toggle off to create a customized text color. 


7. Click ADD at the bottom right when you're done.

Custom Design

If you'd like create a custom design for this feature instead of using the Global Design, you'll do so here. Skip over this section if not. See here for more info.


User comments will appear here with the date, username, and comment text. See here for more info.

Leaving comments within a Contact feature:



Within list view, the location contact feature will show a pin icon and the directory/person feature will show a thumbnail image of the header image pulled from the feature.


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