Custom Design Area

The Custom Design section appears within the Build step of the app dashboard under each feature. Here you can override the Global Design and utilize our custom design  for each feature. For example, if I'd like to assign a unique background image or adjust the color scheme for my Around Us feature, I'd do so here.

To begin creating your custom design just click ENABLE CUSTOM DESIGN. The design options will appear as below.


Navigation Buttons

Customize the button that appears next to your feature in list view.

  • Show Icon: Toggle on to display a feature icon.
  • Icon Color: Select the feature icon color.
  • Text Color: Select the Button Name text color.

Screen Styling

Customize the in-feature header, background, and style.

  • Choose Color Scheme: Choose from our modern color schemes. If you'd like to customize your colors on an individual basis, use the "Custom Color" settings to do so. 
  • Header Background: Click the icon to select the header Background Color, set the Image Overlay Opacity, and select or upload a header Background Image.
  • Header Text Color: Select the feature header text color.
  • Header Text Shadow Color: Select the feature header text shadow color.
  • Screen Background: Click the icon to select the feature background image and enable/disable the Blur Effect. You can select or upload a Screen Background Image here.
  • Font: Select the font for the in-feature content.
  • List Color Theme: Select a color theme for the feature or customize each color setting individually below.
    • Section Name: Select the Bar and Text colors for the Section Name.
    • Odd Row: Select the Bar and Text colors for Odd Rows.
    • Even Row: Select the Bar and Text colors for Even Rows.
  • Button Text Color: Select the in-feature Button Text Color.
  • Button Background Color: Select the in-feature Button Background Color.

Applying/Reverting Your Design

Once you've adjusted your settings as desired, click SAVE at the top to apply your custom design model. You can revert back to the Global Design at any point by clicking USE GLOBAL DESIGN > SAVE.

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