App Settings View with Privacy Policy and more

Starting with an early release on Android (47.3), and Gaslamp (48) for iOS all apps will now have a mandatory App Settings view.
This new view completely replaces the old Social Feature.


This view is customizable on what you wish to display here. You will have control over displaying the User Profile Form, Social Media logins, Privacy Policy URL and Terms URL.

Example of the App Settings Page:


CMS page two manage this view:


User Profile Form:
This user profile form allows your apps power users input more information about themselves. If your users add a personalized profile picture here or name this will be used to display that users activity. 

The social toggle will hide the Facebook and Twitter logins from the App Settings page.

If the membership feature is used on your app, you will see this is now where your users can logout. Also we now have included an update password ability for your users. This update password feature is not available for the single access membership account or for guest users.

Privacy Policy URL:
This is mandatory due to Google and Apples new stances on applications.

By default, our privacy policy URL will be used here. If you wish to use your own privacy policy, you can switch to custom and insert your URL.

Terms of Service URL:
The Terms of service URL is optional. If you wish, you can toggle this on and include a URL for your apps Terms of Service

Friday, February 24, 2017

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